194 people from Deir ez-Zor leave Hol Camp

194 people from Deir ez-Zor who stayed in Hol Camp left and moved towards the places where they would settle.

After the evaluation of the situation of 194 people (46 families) who applied to leave the Hol Camp, where thousands of ISIS members and their families are staying in Northern and Eastern Syria, the camp management authorized the 43rd group of refugees to leave the camp. The group, mostly consisting of families from Deir ez-Zor, left the camp after the identity check made by the Internal Security Forces and moved towards the places they would settle in the future.

The decision to remove Syrians from Hol Camp was taken on 10 October 2020. So far, the number of people who have left the camp is 8,690. Hol Camp houses the families of ISIS members captured during the operations carried out within the scope of the liberation of Northern and Eastern Syria, and is known as one of the most dangerous camps in the world.

The security of the camp is provided by the Northern and Eastern Syria Internal Security Forces General Command. According to camp officials, there are approximately 62,000 people still living in Al Hol, 22,000 of whom are Syrian nationals. About 30,000 of the people living in the camp are Iraqi refugees.