120 more olive trees cut down in Turkish-occupied Afrin

The occupying Turkish state is continuing to plunder the resources of Afrin. 120 more olive trees have been cut down in the city centre for sale.

According to local sources, 120 olive trees have been cut down near the new bridge in Afrin’s city centre.

It is reported that the trees belonged to a local person named Mihemed Elî Hebîb who resides in Bilbil district.

It is further reported that the olive trees are being sold in an Afrin market by Turkey-backed mercenaries.

A regime of terror and corruption has been established in Afrin after the Turkish state occupied the city in 2018. Olives and olive-based products, which are the main resource of the region, have been stolen and commercialized on a global scale. Furthermore, thousands of trees have been cut down and smuggled into Turkey or sold in occupied areas.