10 more civilians kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Afrin

The Turkish forces and mercenary groups under Turkish control continue targeting civilians in the occupied regions in North and East Syria.

Local sources in the Turkish-occupied Afrin canton in northern Syria report that the occupation forces have kidnapped 10 civilians from the village of Mamila in Mabata district.

7 of those kidnapped were identified as Ehmed Îbrahîm, Xelîl Osman, Selha Osman, Necîb Kurdî, Mihemed Hûseyên Beko, Sibhî Omer and Şikrî Omer.

The Turkish state, with a soldiery of jihadists and right-wing extremists, established a regime of terror over Afrin which they occupied in March 2018. Kidnappings, looting, ransomware, and displacement have been the order of the day ever since. In the past two months alone, more than 300 abductions have been recorded in Afrin, and 25 of those abducted were women. At least six civilians were killed.