“We are here thanks to security the SDF provided”

Thousands of people migrate to Northern and Eastern Syria every day still as the region has offered safe haven for hundreds of thousands of people since the beginning of the Syrian war.

Millions have been displaced since the Syrian civil war started. Some of the migrants took to the road to neighboring countries or Europe, while millions remained within the country but were forced to leave their own lands.

One of the areas that has had the most incoming migrants is Northern and Eastern Syria, the most stable region in the country with security provided by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

One of the families who went to Northern and Eastern Syria is Hisen Al Jirad’s family. Hisen Ilewi Al Jirad migrated to SDF territories from the Ayn Al Bu Juma village in Deir ez-Zor’s Al-Shamiyya region with his family of 11. Al Jirad spoke to ANHA about the harsh migration route.

Al Jirad didn’t want to leave his village, despite the emerging clashes after the Syrian war broke out, but was forced to when regime bombings targeted his village and the family’s finances also took a downturn.

The family including children walked for days before they reached the Euphrates River, and were terrified to be captured by regime forces or groups allied to them. Al-Jirad said: “I thought most of my daughters. It killed me even to think they would be captured by these forces.”

Al Jirad said they crossed the river and stayed in a tent a villager from the Al-Zixir village gave them. They now live in SDF territory and the family works in fields, trying to build their life back up again.