Turkish state invasion attacks protested in Aleppo

Hundreds of citizens took to the streets in the neighbourhood of Shexmeqsud in Aleppo and protested the Turkish state’s invasion attacks in a mass march.

Hundreds of citizens in the Eshrefiye and Shexmeqsud neighborhoods in Aleppo held a march to protest the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin, Shehba and Southern Kurdistan.

Citizens gathered in front of the Yazidi House to the west of the Shexmeqsud neighborhood and started marching, holding photographs of burned down olive trees and banners.

The march continued along the main streets of the neighborhood as protesters chanted slogans, and ended by the Martyr Destina Square.

A minute’s silence was held in the square and Mihemed Shexo gave a speech in the name of the Shexmeqsud and Eshrefiye Neighborhood Assemblies.

Shexo said the Turkish state is attacking with the aim of a cultural and physical genocide and added that the demographic makeup of the region is being changed.

Shexo condemned the Turkish state’s attacks against Sheladize, Bradost and Xakurke and Southern Kurdistan’s silence in the face of these attacks, and called for unity for the Kurdish people.

Leyla Xalid spoke in the name of Kongreya Star and said the crisis in Syria has been prolonged due to the Turkish state’s invasion.

The protest ended with protesters chanting slogans.