School Year to kick off in the Federation of Northern Syria

Education is one of the pillars of the Democratic Autonomy Model, and it is for this reason that special attention and care is given to the preparation of education material and curricula.

The Democratic Society Education Committee (KPC-D) has taken significant steps in recent years in order to improve education in Northern Syria and to provide education for each student in their own mother tongue. 

Education is one of the pillars of the Democratic Autonomy Model, and it is for this reason that special attention and care is given to the preparation of education material and curricula.

The Committee has not only been preparing Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac educational materials, but it has also been committed in the training of teachers. 

The results of the steady work carried out by the Education Committee can now be appreciated, as the 2018-2019 academic year has begun throughout the Northern Syria Federation. 


Hundreds of thousands of urban residents were forced to settle in Shehba as the result of the occupation attacks carried out by the Turkish state and its mercenary allies in Afrin. 

The KPC-D, to enable students from Afrin to continue their education in the camps established in the region of Shehba launched a big training work from the beginning of the displacement. 

The KPC-D has opened schools for all educational levels in the region, except for university students, despite the limited opportunities and resources and thanks to the support of teachers in the region.

In Shehba there are 5,205 primary education students, 775 secondary education and 449 high school students regularly studying in the schools opened by the KPC-D.

In these schools training has been provided to 943 teachers, 823 of which women.


Training programs for teachers were opened by KPC-D in 32 centers as part of the preparations for the 2018-2019 school year in Shehba. The teachers working in the region were prepared for the new school year with these new training programs.


In the context of the preparations for the new school year, the Education Committee has secured the full operation of 317 schools which are now attended by 110,000 primary, middle and high school students in the whole city. The teachers assigned to these schools are 4,000.

Euphrates Region

The KPC-D rebuilt over 400 schools in Kobanê and 350 schools in Girê Spî for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

In the last educational year, 57, 522 students were registered in Kobanê, and 50,711 in Girê Spî. This number is expected to increase in the new school year. 

The KPC-D also provided training in the areas of educational science and child development to 2,073 teachers in Girê Spî and 2,616 in Kobanê. 

In Silûk and Eyn Isa districts, Kurdish and Arabic education programs were opened for teachers.

Jazira Region

In Qamishlo Canton, there are 37,934 students while in Heseke there are 104,072.

The KPC-D began distributing training materials for the new school year to first year students. 

All teachers in the region were undergoing training programs in order not to repeat the problems experienced in previous years. 

Teachers were given education and child development trainings in the education centers opened in the region by the KPC-D. Teachers who passed the final exams successfully were assigned to schools in canton.

There are a total of 2,225 schools in the Jazira region, including 1,625 primary, 82 primary and middle schools, 405 secondary schools and 680 high schools.

New liberated areas

Work to ensure the beginning of the new education year in Raqqa, Tebqa and Deir Ez-zor, recently freed from DAESH mercenaries, has been intensified. There are 285,000 students in these regions. The KPC-D said that all teachers in the region have undergone training programs.


In Raqqa, approximately 120,000 students are studying in the 281 schools of the region. The KPC-D has assigned 4,100 teachers to these schools. Furthermore 12 centers were opened in the city to provide training programs for teachers.


Some 57,493 students are studying in 200 schools in Tebqa and 2,000 teachers have been appointed to these schools.

Deir Ez-Zor

In Deir Ez-Zor 450 schools were repaired and are ready for the new school year. According to KPC-D officials so far 108,000 students registered in the region. Officials say the number is expected to increase because of the newly liberated areas. 

In total 5,300 teachers have been appointed in the region. Education in the region will begin on 16 October.

Primary school materials

The Council of Education and Training of the Jazira Region has opened its schools on 9 September. New educational Literature and Science materials were delivered to the new first grade students.

The field of literature is composed of history, language (each student's mother tongue and English), Geography, Society, Philosophy, Music, Sports and Painting. The science field includes language, physics, chemistry, mathematics, music, sports and painting lessons. 

Jineologji classes are given in both fields.

Syriac language

The KPC-D has prepared educational materials to be delivered to Syriac primary and secondary school students with the support of expert Syriac teachers.