“Revolutionary popular move needed in Idlib”

Cemal Resid said the foreign state interventions against Syria is deepening the country’s crisis and added that there is a need for a revolutionary popular move in Idlib.

Afrin Regional Council Public Relations Bureau Member Cemal Resid spoke to ANHA about the latest developments in Syria and Rojava.

Resid said Russia and Turkey’s fundamental conflict was over Idlib and added that, as per the Astana agreement, the Dilok, Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia road must be opened for trade.

Resid said the conflict between Russia and Turkey was due to the baseless agreements between the two countries: “Persons who would be able to develop a solution or who do have influence among the public were not present in the Astana meetings.

Russia realized that the Turkish state is trying to uphold their own interests by protecting the terrorists and the no-weapons zone in Idlib.”

Resid continued: “Russia and Syria can’t achieve a positive result in Idlib because of the Turkish state’s logistical support to the gangs. With the support for Jabhat Al Nusra exposed, it has come to light once again that the Turkish state supports gangs.”

Cemal Resid said Russia doesn’t want to fight the Turkish state, they only want to remove their advantages in Syria. Resid said Russia doesn’t want to lose Turkey for the S-400 missiles and added that the Iran factor has been pushing Russia and Turkey closer together.

On the Russian positions in Til Rifat in the Shehba Canton, Resid said: “Russia had positions in Afrin as well. So, we shouldn’t depend on Russia. These positions in Til Rifat were constructed due to the war that broke out in Idlib and the Turkish state threats.

Resid said he estimates that the Syrian regime and Russia won’t have influence in Idlib and added that the control of Idlib depends on the liberation of Afrin and Bab but that will take a long time.

Resid concluded his words with: “We are experiencing a period that necessitates a revolutionary popular move in Idlib. In this period the people can see that the Turkish state and all other states are only present in Syria for their own interests.”