Kurdish parties: We don’t accept the US decision

Kurdish political parties came together in a panel discussion in Kobanê and protested the US decision on leading PKK cadres. The parties said the decision is unacceptable for Kurds.

Kurdish political parties, NGOs and intellectuals in Kobanê held a panel discussion about the US decision on Murat Karayilan, Cemil Bayik and Duran Kalkan and voiced their joint protest. The panel discussion held in the Euphrates Hall in Kobanê was attended by the Syrian Kurds Democratic Party (PDKS), Syrian Kurds Left Party, Democratic Union Party (PYD) Kobanê Canton administration, NGO representatives, intellectuals, academics and members of the public.

PYD Kobanê administrator Bekir Heci Isa said the US decision is against all Kurds and all Kurds need to act together against it. Isa said the US is trying to appease Turkey with this decision and added: “These people were the first to take action when ISIS gangs murdered hundreds of people in Iraq and Syria every day. It was the Kurdistan Workers’ Party led by these people. This struggle was waged in light of Leader Apo’s philosophy. We fought against ISIS in every city, starting with Kobanê. The US and the US-led coalition was a witness and participant to this struggle of ours. Erdogan, on the other hand, was the biggest supporter of ISIS then. Now the US issuing such a decision to appease Erdogan is completely unacceptable for Kurds.”


Isa stressed that the Kurdish people have paid a great price to take the struggle to this day and they will never give it up, stressing that the US should review the decision. Isa said the US decision is against all Kurds, and that is how they see it: “These revolutionaries have dedicated their lives to the freedom of peoples. They have been fighting for their people for years. The US knows very well that they have never resorted to terrorism. We are calling on the US to retract this decision.”


Syrian Kurds Left Party Kobanê administrator Kamuran Kenco said the decision is not against any one party but poses a serious threat against all Kurds: “We Kurds still bury our children every day in the fight against ISIS. Such a decision is disrespectful to our struggle. It is also a blow against this fight. Because the US knows very well who fights against ISIS and against terrorism, and who supports ISIS. This decision is a grave threat against us Kurds, it is not a decision against any one party. We cannot accept this decision. We are calling on the US to retract it.”


Syrian Kurds Democratic Party (PDKS) Central Committee member Gelo Isa spoke after Kenco and said the Kurds have never engaged in terrorist activity: “We fight against terrorism. But the Turkish state, i.e. the occupying force in part of Kurdistan, has always attempted to terrorize the Kurds’ struggle. Now they must be asked: Was the PKK there in 1920’s, during the Shêx Seîd uprising, in Dersim, in Agirî and in Zilan as well? Was the PKK there when you murdered Seyîd Riza or Shêx Seîd? Or, when Faik Bucak was murdered, was the PKK there then? We are a people, and the PKK is one of the greatest defenders of the cause of our people. And, the PKK is a party that defends not just the Kurdish people but the peoples of the Middle East as well.”


Isa said the Kurds don’t regard their leaders and political parties in the same way the US does: “We don’t see our leaders through the US’ eyes. We fight against terrorism here together with the US, but the US issuing such decisions against our leaders and doing that to appease the Turkish state would create a serious crisis of trust between us.”

The panel discussion ended with speeches from NGO representatives, intellectuals and academics.