Demo against Turkish invasion in Til Kocher

Protests against Turkish invasion attempts targeting North and South Kurdistan continue growing.

Hundreds joined a march in Til Kocher city of Qamishlo Canton in protest at the Turkish state’s attacks against south Kurdistan and invasions in Afrin and other regions of northern Syria.

Demonstrators marched to the city centre with banners reading “Let’s enhance the struggle” and “No to Turkish invasion”.

Following the march, a rally was held in the city centre. Speaking here, Fereh Remedan on behalf of women’s movement Kongreya Star stated that the Turkey’s invasion attacks against North (Bakur), West (Rojava) and South (Bashur) Kurdistan prove it to be a terrorist state.

Remedan called upon people to unite against Turkey.

The rally ended amid the slogan ‘Bijî Berxwedan’ [Long Live Resistance].