Citizens of Qamishlo visit cemeteries for martyrs

Citizens of Qamishlo are visiting cemeteries to remember the martyrs who lost their lives in clashes against ISIS.

Qamishlo residents of all ages went to visit the graves of their loved ones lost in the war against ISIS and in the Struggle for Freedom as part of their Eid activities this year like previous years. The people arrived at the Martyr Delil Saruxan Martyrs’ Cemetery with the first light of day and continue to celebrate Eid together.

There are mothers and fathers by every grave. The mothers offer visitors the kuliches (cookies) and candy they made at home, and look at the visitors with melancholy, joy and pride like they were celebrating Eid with their children.

Children rushing to celebrate Eid with their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in their Eid clothes lend a joyful atmosphere to the cemetery.

Families of martyrs from Qamishlo and the veterans who fought shoulder to shoulder with those who were martyred repeat their promises for resistance and leave the cemetery.