14 children returned to the Netherlands and France

The Autonomous Administration returned 14 Dutch and French national children to the Netherlands and France.

A joint delegation of the Netherlands and France’s Foreign Ministries visited the Northern and Eastern Syrian Autonomous Administration Foreign Affairs Bureau headquarters in Ayn Issa and discussed the issue of ISIS members under arrest.

France’s Foreign Ministry Crisis Desk Chairperson Eric Chavalier and his Dutch counterpart Ian Bijan led the delegation and were received by the Foreign Affairs Bureau Co-chairs Abdulkerim Omer and Emel Dada. The meeting was held without press presence and lasted for three hours.

Following the meeting, a protocol was signed between the French and Dutch governments and the Autonomous Administration for the return of 12 French and 2 Dutch orphans to their respective countries.

Chavalier and Bijan spoke to the press and thanked the SDF fighters for rescuing the children. The ministry officials also said their countries will support the Autonomous Administration.

Emel Dada said Ian Bijan told them in the name of the Dutch government that they will support the establishment of an international court for the trial of ISIS members in Northern and Eastern Syria, and a political solution to the Syrian crisis as well as the reconstruction.

Emel Dada added that Chavalier also said France will offer support for Northern and Eastern Syria in the military, diplomatic and service areas.