YPS: We will turn every area into a battlefield!

The YPS called on people to join the resistance and convert all cities and areas in battlefield.

YPS General Coordination issued a written statement on the invasion carried out by the Turkish state in Rojava.

The statement said: "The Kurdistan Freedom Struggle, led by Leader Apo, has become the hope of freedom not only for the Kurdish people, but also for the peoples living and oppressed in the Middle East. The struggles and achievements in Rojava Kurdistan have made this even more concrete. Today all the ancient peoples of the Middle East, Assyrians, Armenians, Arabs and Kurds have shown the world how a democratic free life can be."

The statement continued: "Today, Kurdistan is the center of the Third World War in the Middle East. ISIS barbarism, created by the capitalist modernity system, has attacked the cities of Kurdistan with all its strength with the support of the fascist Turkish government. They wanted to subject our oppressed people to genocide everywhere from Shengal to Maxmûr, Mosul to Kobanê. The intervention of PKK guerrillas in the genocide reality, which became a destiny for the Kurdish people, took place and our people were rescued from the genocide."

The statement added: "The attack on Rojava today is an attack against all 4 parts of Kurdistan. The fascist Turkish government and the international forces supporting it, prepared this plan. To protect the existence of our people, there is no other choice but to fight a self-defense war."

'Kurdistan and the Turkish metropolis will be turned into war zone'

The YPS fighters said: "We will fight against the attacks in Rojava. Turkey and Northern Kurdistan urban metropolises will be turned into battlefield. Today is the day of resistance. If we don't resist today, there won't be another day to resist. In order to protect our existence, it is the day for all Kurds, especially for the youth and women of Kurdistan, to stand up with the spirit of Kobane."