YPJ and Autonomous Administration delegation meets with Italian politicians in Rome

The Autonomous Administration delegation and YPJ spokesperson Ruksen Mihemed met with politicians in Italy. During the meeting, attention was also drawn to the invasion attacks of the Turkish state.

A delegation from the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAANES) met with parliamentarians from different parties, the Italian 5-Star Movement (MoVimento 5 Stelle M5S) and members of the Italian Senate. The meeting took place at the Parliament building in the capital Rome.

The delegation consisted of Abdulkarim Omar, the Autonomous Administration's representative in Europe, Ruksen Mihemed, spokesperson for the Women's Defense Units (YPJ), and Medya Hesen, co-chair of the Autonomous Administration Representation in Switzerland. The Italian delegation included Alienza Verdi, Marco Grimaldi, Davis Dore, Francesca Guerra, Tino Magni, Enzo Amandola and Riccardo Ricciardi.

The DAANES delegation emphasized the role of women in all institutions of the Autonomous Administration, the co-presidency system and the fight against ISIS.

It was also stated that the humanitarian aid provided by Europe and other countries only goes to Damascus and does not reach Northern and Eastern Syria.

The DAANES delegation said that any initiative without the participation of the Autonomous Administration would end in failure.

The delegation of the Autonomous Administration also drew attention to the crimes committed by the occupying Turkish state in the occupied territories and its attacks on North-East Syrian territory. The delegation stressed that the international community must put pressure on the occupying Turkish state to stop its attacks. It was emphasized that the continuation of these attacks will drag the region into a humanitarian catastrophe and force millions of people to migrate.

The Italian delegation said, "We have been following the Rojava Revolution closely since the beginning. Beyond its great role in the fight against terrorism, we see it as a democratic model and an experience that people cannot ignore, especially because this experience embraces all the components of the region and grants women a high status."