YPG rescues 20 villages in Girkê Legê since July

YPG rescues 20 villages in Girkê Legê since July

Clashes between western Kurdistan's People's Defense Units (YPG) and al-Qaeda affiliated gang groups, ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and ash-sham) and al-Nusra Front, are continuing since 16 July when the gang groups launched an attack against the Kurdish city Serêkaniyê.

The YPG and YPJ (Women's Defense Units) resistance has so far repulsed the attacks of the gang groups in many areas, with heavy losses on the side of the groups recorded for nearly two months. There has also been a remarkable decrease in the attacks of the groups in the last one week, especially since the “Martyr Çekjin Efrin Revolutionary Operation” YPG launched one week ago.

According to the figures compiled from reports by YPG sources on clashes in Girkê Legê region, at least 20 villages have been rescued from gang groups in the last 52 days. YPG has also seized the control of the Tehuma check point on international main road.

Many militants of the gang groups have been killed in the clashes in the region. YPG fighters also seized a large number of arms and ammunition of the jihadist groups claiming to be fighting for Allah against unbelievers.

After declaring mobilization in the face of increasing attacks last month, YPG has recently launched the “Martyr Çekjin Efrin Revolutionary Operation” aimed at the clearance of the region of gang groups. Since the beginning of the operation, YPG seized three headquarters of the groups in the villages of Xadaan, Mişefer and Xiwelte in Koçerat region on 4 September.

After attacking and seizing a central headquarters of ISIS in this region, as well as one other in an area five km away from Til Koçer, YPG fighters have recently surrounded the gang groups near Til Koçer.

On the other hand, the gang groups also suffered heavy losses in the operations YPG fighters launched against the deployment sites of the groups around the villages of Sefa, Girhok, Girê Fatê, Til Hecer and Yûsifiyê in Girkê Legê region.

In the scope of the “Martyr Çekjin" operation, YPG carried out another attack against the ISIS and al-Nusra groups near the villages of Seharic and Mişefer in Çilaxa region on 5 September night. According to YPG sources, 30 gang members were killed and many others were wounded in the attack after which YPG also seized an ammunition store of the groups. According to reports, YPG destroyed the groups' headquarters near the two villages which are located 5 km away from Til Koçer.

In the same operation on 5 September evening, YPG launched another attack against the armed groups in the Bir Kino village in the west of the Tal Abyad (Girê Spî) district bordering Turkey. Dozens of gang members were killed in the YPG attack which targeted the headquarters of the al-Qaeda linked groups. According to a source in Tal Abyad, a large number of wounded gang members were rushed to the district with ambulances after the attack.

The “Martyr Çekjin” operation started with an expansive operation YPG launched in Serêkaniyê targeting the ISIS and al-Nusra on 2 September.

At least 20 members of the armed groups were killed in the operation which targeted three headquarters of the armed gang groups in Til Xelef (Tel Halaf), the deployment area of the armed groups attacking the Kurdish Serekaniye city.