Young Left launches donation campaign for YPG/YPJ in Sweden

Sweden’s Left Party youth organization Young Left’s Executive Council launched a donation campaign for YPG/YPJ to support the resistance in Afrin.

Young Left issued a written statement and criticized the silence of the outside world as the Turkish state invaded Afrin, exiled people from their lands and enacted a genocide.

The statement says that the US first supported YPG/YPJ forces fighting ISIS in the economic and military areas, but has turned its back to the Kurds with Turkey launching the attacks, and adds: “Since then, we have seen Turkey’s endless attacks against Afrin, their invasion, bombing civilians without provocation and exiling people from their lands.”


The statement says Kurds have been subjected to oppression, tyranny and invasions for centuries, and criticizes the reconcilatory tone of the Swedish government: “We are witnessing an ethnic cleansing of Kurds and a genocide in Afrin. We support the Kurds’ fight for freedom against the invasion of the Turkish state. Young Left condemns the silence and passivity of Swedish politicians. We demand that the Swedish government take an open stand against the invasion of Afrin.”in Efrîn işgaline karşı açıktan tutum almasını talep ediyoruz”.

Young Left states that solidarity among peoples gains even further importance when large forces betray international solidarity. They also call for member organizations to hold monetary aid campaigns for YPG/YPJ and call on the Swedish people to participate in the donations.

Swedish media has noticed that the Young Left has launched a campaign for the YPG/YPJ who have been declared a terrorist organization by the Turkish state and whose flags have been banned by the German government.

When asked whether it is controversial to support one of the sides in an ongoing civil war, Young Left Chairperson Henrik Malmrot said: “Sometimes it could be controversial to support one of the clashing parties. If one of the sides is fighting for freedom and democracy, I don’t see such a controversy.”


Malmrot said the Left Party has supported the Republicans of Spain and the fighters in Palestine in the past, and has sent monetary aid to the Ship to Gaza, fighting to break the embargo.

The Young Left’s written statement says, “We want freedom for the Kurdish people, and we demand it now. The Young Left is sending a message of solidarity to comrades in the YPG and YPJ. We stand with you in your fight against dictator Erdoğan. Turkey should leave Afrin,” and sends a message that solidarity will continue.