Marivan people tell of the Iranian state attempts to stir chaos

Drawing attention to the pressures of the Iranian state against the people of Rojhilat, A.E. from Marivan said: "The Iranian regime will not break the will of the people of Rojhilat with brutal practices."

In addition to the economic crisis, Iran is faced with major social crises that further fuel tensions instead of trying to solve the crises and minimize social problems. A citizen who doesn’t want to reveal his full name for fear, A.E., from Marivan, talked about the dramatic situations provoked by the state: "The state arrested and imprisoned children who have no mother or father on the street under various criminal excuses. Later, they train them for 15 days. People are assigned tasks such as committing murder, spreading drugs, and using violence in order to create disorder in society, to deepen social chaos.”

A.E. added: “The state can no longer control society economically, and serhildans [uprisings] may erupt against the policies of the state at any time. Such a situation can have very negative consequences as the state actually increases social chaos. And the people focus on events that create chaos, wasting their energy."

Giving examples of government policies, A.E. said: "The stabbing incidents in the city of Marivan in the past months are related to this situation. One of the incidents involved two brothers who were traveling together. They came across a person on a motorbike. They had never seen him before, yet he killed them. Young people from the village of Kikin in Marivan belong to the Çaretelep family. Here, too, we come across the state's policy of harassing people. The state only punishes political events.”

According to the citizen, the state both fuels incidents such as stabbing, drugs, and murder while at the same time keeping quiet when these incidents happen. “The state leaves these crimes unpunished. In this way, society is dragged into chaos. The fascist practices of the state reached their peak last year when the state tried to break the resistance of the people of Rojhilat.”

The citizen underlined that Iran, which has been exercising all kinds of pressure on the people of Rojhilat for years, wants to get results with such brutal practices. “Such practices will never break the will of the people of Rojhilat. In October, the people were tortured and brutally murdered. We, as the people of Marivan, will always protect the legacy of hundreds of protesters thrown into Zirebar lake, massacred in the streets and subjected to violence.”