MIT member Heysem Topalca allegedly dies in car accident

It is reported that Heysem Topalca, who is claimed to be linked to ISIS and Al Nusra and is accused of organizing the Reyhanlı bombings, has died suspiciously in Konya.

According to the report of journalist Cevheri Güven, Heysem Topalca, a MIT (Turkish Intelligence Service) member, died in a car accident at around 9 pm on 10 February in the Karapınar-Konya road, Akçayazı Neighborhood of Merdivenli district.

Heysem Topalca was involved in many crimes. His relation with the Turkish state was no longer a secret. Numerous witnesses and documents have emerged alleging that he was working on behalf of the Turkish intelligence service MIT.

Despite his sentence, he was walking freely and committing crimes

Topalca was a suspect of the Reyhanlı massacre in May 2013 and the ISIS attack in Niğde Ulukışla in March 2014. However, he travelled comfortably with many people in a car, despite his final sentence of 12 years in December 2015. also reveals its relations with the Turkish state. Topalca is said to check in/out 873 times in Turkey between 2011 and 2014. He was captured in Adana on 7 November 2013, in a truck that carried 953 mortars and 10 missiles warheads, and was released after his statement was taken.