Ten newspapers in the UK publish “The Time has Come, Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan” call

Ten newspapers in the UK published the call “The Time has Come, Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan”.

Ten newspapers in the UK, the Hucknall Dispatch, The Gazette, The Guardian, Advertiser, Rasen Mail, Sunderland Echo, Sleaford Standard, Visitor, The News Courier and The Bucks Herald,

published the call “The Time has Come, Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan”.

Drawing attention to the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and demanding his freedom, the call said: “Nobody has suffered as much as the Kurdish community. The Kurdish community defeated ISIS on the battlefield with heroic efforts. It is building a new life and social structure in northern and eastern Syria. The Kurdish community has repeatedly wanted a peacefully negotiated solution. Despite all these efforts, the Turkish military and its mercenary allies attack the Kurds and commit violence and massacres. The world just watches this. The ongoing peace process between the Turkish state and the Kurdish political leader Abdullah Öcalan between 2013-15 was voided by Erdoğan. It's time to stop this trend. It is time to return to a new peace process."

The declaration also emphasized that it is time to end the inhuman isolation and 20 years of imprisonment of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, and added: "It is time for Abdullah Öcalan to play the main role in bringing peace.” Stressing that all political leaders, civil society and the international public should take action in the “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan" campaign to open the doors that are closed to peace, the call stated that it is time to act before it is too late.”

The demands of the call are as follows:

* Immediately end the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan.

* Release the captive Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Put an end to the policies of pressure and intimidation against the opposition.

* All political prisoners in Turkish prisons should be released.

* End operations in Northern and Eastern Syria and Iraq. Support a new peace process with international support and initiatives.