Author Penny says HDP only real opposition in Turkey

Activist and author Andrew Penny said that the HDP is the only real opposition in Turkey.

Researcher, author and activist Andrew Penny was interviewed by journalist Erem Kansoy as part of a series of interviews prepared with the support of the Freedom for Ocalan Campaign and the Peace in Kurdistan Campaign in collaboration with Medya Haber TV and Sterk TV.

Penny highlighted that the HDP is the only real opposition in Turkey and added that it is precisely for this that it is under attack by the AKP-MHP regime in Turkey.

Andrew Penny, activist and supporter of the Kurdish Freedom Movement for 40 years. He worked on the BBC 'Panorama' programme on Kurdistan in 1991. He has also accompanied several delegations to Kurdistan as an interpreter, most recently for the 7 June 2015 General Elections in Turkey.