Victims of the Shengal genocide commemorated in Europe

Victims of the Shengal genocide and the fighters who sacrificed their lives to protect the Êzidî people were commemorated in cities of Germany, Italy and France.

On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the Shengal genocide, Kurds living in Europe took to the streets to commemorate the victims of the massacre, and to express harshest condemnation towards the genocidal attacks on the ancient community of Kurdish Êzidîs.


A demonstration was held in German city Saarbrucken to protest the perpetrators of the Shengal genocide and their accomplices.

Êzidî women wore white garments during the activity which was organised by Democratic Kurdish Society Center in Saarbrucken.

The demonstration started with a minute of silence at 11.15, the same time the Shengal genocide took its beginning, and was followed by the music group of children 'Koma Dengê Mezopotamya' with songs about the martyrs of Shengal. Chairperson of Diaspora Shengal Council Fikret İğrek held a speech and emphasized that autonomy is the most correct and right way for the Êzidîs in the Middle East to live their own culture.


On the same occasion, a demonstration was also held in Hildesheim. Speeches were held in commemoration of the martyrs of Shengal, and hundreds of leaflets in German language informing of the Shengal genocide were distributed to the passers-by.


An information tent was pitched in Freiburg where information was provided to the public about the Shengal genocide and the situation of Ezidi women, that are still held hostage by ISIS gangs.


Upon the initiative of Martyr Asya Yüksel Women's Council and Democratic Kurdish Society Center a commemoration was held in Duisburg. Leaflets on the Shengal genocide were distributed among the people.


During the commemorative activity held in German city Essen, the role of the PKK in preventing the genocide on the Êzidî community and liberating Shengal was highlighted in particular.


Organised by Democratic Kurdish Society Center, a commemoration was held in Munich as well. The activists presented pictures depicting scenes from the Shengal genocide, and leaflets were distributed among the passers-by.


Women living in French city Bordeaux took to the streets and conveyed the message "Let's stop the feminicide, let's free the life".

The activity, held upon the initiative of Socialist Women's Union and Bordeaux Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK), started at Victoria Square with a minute of silence, and continued with a play depicting the story of the women that were taken hostage during the Shengal genocide and rescued later by the freedom fighters.

Following the play, speeches were made on behalf of the women's institutions giving the message "We will stop the massacre of women and free the life".


Upon the initiative of the Women's Movements, an activity was staged at Comedie Square in French city Montpellier.

Statements were read aloud about the Shengal genocide, and leaflets in French language informing of the latest state-of-affairs in Shengal were distributed among the passers-by.


A demonstration was staged in Italian city Lecce as well.

The activists called upon the international community to form a commission which should investigate the Shengal genocide to indict the culprits and perpetrators for due sentences.