Vengeance Units hit Turkish forces in Van and Amed

Vengeance Units continue their actions in Turkey and North Kurdistan.

Martyr Savaş Amed and Martyr Baran Dersim Vengeance Units carried out actions in protest at the international conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The statement by the Vengeance Units said; “The resistance in Rojava has the Apoist spirit which counters the international conspiracy with the motto “You cannot darken our sun”. For this very reason, no conspiracy can ever hinder the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people.”


According to the statement, Vengeance Units militants carried out Turkish forces with an improvised explosive device in Edremit district of Van on December 13. The number of casualties couldn’t be clarified.

On December 15, Vengeance Units targeted the Turkish forces with an improvised explosive device in Xaçort (Hacıbekir) neighborhood in central Van. An armed confrontation between the two sides was followed by the encirclement of the neighborhood by Turkish forces, after which Vengeance Units retreated from the area without suffering any loss.


Martyr Savaş Amed Vengeance Unit also released a written statement and claimed responsibility for an action that targeted Turkish police units in Amed’s Yenişehir district on December 19.