Two more villages liberated in western Raqqa

Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room fighters have liberated the villages of Shali and Henhud from ISIS in western Raqqa.

Wrath of Euphrates fighters advancing towards Raqqa from four directions liberated two more villages in western Raqqa.

The fighters that began to advance from an area 12 kms to the southwest of Ayn Isa two days ago have liberated several villages so far. Clashes broke out between the fighters and the ISIS gang groups positioned at Shali village last night. 3 ISIS members were killed and the village was liberated during the clashes that lasted until last night.

On the other hand, the fighters advancing from the villages of Kadiriye and Kerdushan have approached Henhud village after liberating the strategic town of Mahmudli yesterday. Henhud village was also liberated from ISIS gangs after intense clashes yesterday.