Two internationalist fighters martyred in Afrin

Internationalist fighters Samuel Prada Leon and Oliver Francois Jean Le Clainche have been martyred in Afrin on February 10, YPG said.

According to YPG’s statement, Leon (nom de guerre Kendal Breizh) and Le Clainche (nom de guerre Baran Galicia) were killed while defending a military position against Turkish army in Jindires district on February 10.

YPG also announced that Sjoerd Heeger (Baran Sason) lost his life in Deir ez-Zor while fighting against ISIS.

YPG’s statement on the issue is as follows:

“Fallen martyrs of Afrin resistance

Our comrades, Kendal Breizh and Baran Galicia, two of our internationalist fighters, who took their part at the forefront of the historical resistance against the fascist attacks of the invading Turkish army and its allied gang groups against the Afrin Canton, were martyred in the clashes with the occupiers on the Jindires front on February 10.

Our comrades Baran and Kendal have joined the struggle to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people at a time when the peoples’ revolution in Rojava Kurdistan and Northern Syria was attacked by invading forces. They were determined to protect the revolution and its gains at the expense of their lives. Comrades Baran and Kendal came from thousands of kilometers away, from France and Spain to participate in the struggle against ISIS barbarism in Rojava and proved their commitment to the struggle and universal socialist values until their very last moment.

Comrade Kendal came from France to Kurdistan and Comrade Baran came from Spain. In summer 2017 they joined the ranks of the People's Defense Units (YPG) and played an active role in the battle against ISIS. These two comrades gave great efforts for the liberation of the main bases of ISIS, such as the cities Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, and they participated continuously in the war lasting for months. On January 20, when the invading Turkish army and many jihadist terror organizations like al-Nusra and ISIS started their joint attacks against the Afrin Canton, they came to this region with many internationalist friends upon their own suggestions. They were determined to participate in the struggle of humanity that has been led in Afrin against the barbaric occupation forces. Our comrades Baran and Kendal resisted just as they did in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, against these terrorist groups that share the same mentality and inhuman practices as ISIS. The Salafist groups ISIS and its ally Al Qaeda that have been sponsored and commanded by the fascist AKP regime in Turkey, are one of the most dangerous threats not only to humankind in Northern Syria and Rojava Kurdistan. They are threatening at the same time the values of democratic socialism and progressive societies as well as humanity as a whole. By participating in the struggle against these forces our comrades defended the paradigm and the values of a democratic, ecological and women liberated society. Our comrades were convinced by this paradigm as a universal principle and as the only hope for the future of the Middle East. In the lives of both comrades, the principle of "understanding requires action" found concrete expression, which our understanding of struggle and life philosophy are based on. Instead of expecting others to carry out what they understood, they undertook their responsibilities showing a vital and courageous attitude as internationalist revolutionaries.

Comrade Baran Sason, from Netherland, has been martyred in the fight against ISIS in Deir al-Zor.

As a part of our commitment towards our comrades’ efforts and as a characteristic of our struggle history, we promise to take up the fight of our comrades Kendal and Baran until the darkness of  Turkey supported ISIS and Al Qaeda groups are completely drowned in this region. By commemorating the names of our comrades Kendal and Baran, we once again express our respect and gratitude to all the internationalist martyrs of our struggle. We offer our condolences to the families of our martyrs, to their loved ones, and to all the progressive people.

Victory will sooner or later be the victory of the resisting peoples’!

The ID details of our martyrs as follows;


Name Surname: Samuel Prada Leon
Nom de guerre: Baran Galicia
Date/Place of Birth: Ourense, 1993
Date/Place of Martyrdom: February 10, 2018 - Afrin


Name Surname: Olivier François Jean Le Clainche
Nom de guerre: Kendal Breizh
Date/Place of Birth: Malestroit, 1977
Date/Place of Martyrdom: February 10, 2018 - Afrin


Name Surname: Sjoerd Heeger
Nom de guerre: Baran Sason
Date/Place of Birth: Netherlands, 1993
Date/Place of Martyrdom: February 12, 2018 – Deir al-Zor