Turkish attack condemned in Rome and Turin

The Turkish state's invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria was protested in Rome and Turin and Venice. 

Protests in Rome and Turin were attended by large crowds and in Turin three actions were organised in the day. 


The attacks of the Turkish state were protested in a mass demonstration led by the Committee Kurda in Rome. Dozens of civil society organizations and a large number of Italian intellectuals supported the action.

Activists marched from Piazza Dell'Indipendenza and called on the Italian government to "halt military, economic and political relations with the Turkish state."


Three actions were organised in Turin. The first was to protest the pending decision against 3 Italian activists who risk being assigned special surveillance measures for participating in the Rojava revolution.

Mothers of Peace organised a sit-in in order to condemn the Turkish state. During the sit-in in front of the Tribunal, a banner with the photo of the Italian revolutionary Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo Orsetti), who was martyred on March 18 in Rojava, was hung. The trial against the Italian revolutionaries will begin on 15 October.

In a separate action, representatives of Fridays for Future condemn the attacks against Rojava in Piazza Castello. Activists demanded that the Turkish attacks end immediately and condemned the Unicredit bank, which supported the AKP.

Again at the University of Turin, the students carried out a civil disobedience action chanting “Rojava is not alone, we are with the Kurds”. Banners were hung on the windows and balconies of the university campus, and messages of solidarity were sent to the people of Rojava through yellow red green smoke.