Turkish army has destroyed countless animals and trees in Avashin

The Turkish army continues to receive major blows in Avashin. It covers up its defeat and desperation by burning forests causing destruction of thousands of living things.

The Turkish army launched a military operation on April 23 in Avashin region of Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). However, it has encountered one the most spectacular resistances of the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle in Avashin for over a month. The counter-operation ‘Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign’ launched by the guerrilla against the Turkish army, which uses the war tactics of the German Nazis to destroy the guerrilla with the "Claw-Lightning" occupation operations in Kurdistan, has defeated the Turkish army and its mercenaries. The guerrillas said that the efforts of the Turkish army, which has been destroying the nature of Kurdistan for more than a week with its intense bombardments especially in the Avashin area, are the ‘proof of the defeat of the Turkish army’.


The first goal of the Turkish army in the Avashin area was to capture the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla by raiding the tunnels through which the guerrillas carry out war and logistical activities. From April 23 to May 3, the Turkish army has suffered a huge defeat with dozens of dead and wounded soldiers during the clashes in the war tunnels of Avashin’s Mamreşo and Mervanos regions. The Turkish army continued its operations in the Dola Konferans, Arisfaris and Dola Mara areas. The self-sacrificing resistance put up by the guerrilla in these areas left the Turkish army completely helpless so, they had to change style and tactics. The Turkish army also tried to make its soldiers and mercenaries fight in Zagros, one of the most difficult terrains of Kurdistan, with guerrilla tactics. It tried to hit the guerrilla with guerrilla tactics. Most of the mercenaries who tried to strike a blow to the guerrilla by stationing covert and mobile units on the ground became the target of the guerrilla in their first attempt and were killed. The rest either fell off the cliffs because they did not know how to move on this land, or they had to return to their bases by Sikorsky helicopters because they could not stand it. In other words, the Turkish army could not reach its goal in its second tactics.


Looting and barbarism, most important features of the Turkish army throughout its history, have been reintroduced in the Avashin area. The Turkish army, which received heavy blows especially between 23-30 May, sets fire to every part of the Avashin area by both fighter jets and intense howitzer and mortar shots from the border outposts to the guerrilla areas. This paradise land of the Zagros, which has been a cradle and shelter not only for the guerrilla but for all humanity since the beginning of history, is now burning under the persecution of the Turkish army. Forest fires, which spread from Basya to the Werxeli area almost all over the Avashin land, are one of the biggest indicators of the Turkish army's defeat in this war. The fires, which have already caused the death of thousands of animals and the destruction of more than tens of thousands of trees, are still continuing. Avashin is home to many endemic species threatened with extinction.