"Turkey wants to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt"

Egyptian politician and writer Osama al-Enezi warns that Erdoğan wants to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to power in Egypt with its planned sending of troops to neighbouring Libya.

Following Thursday’s decision by the Turkish parliament to authorise the sending of Turkish troops to Libya, Egyptian writer and politician Osama al-Enezi warns against Turkish interference in Egypt. One aim of sending troops is to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to Egypt, he explained, stressing that Erdoğan brings armed Islamist groups from Idlib to Libya and will also send them to the Gulf States.

"There may be war between Turkey and Egypt"

Al-Enezi said: "The Egyptian Foreign Minister has strongly condemned the Turkish project. Cairo has a different attitude towards the Libyan crisis. Cairo has chosen the political and diplomatic arena for a solution and might engage in a war against Turkey if necessary.”