Turkey to withdraw its troops from Bashiqa

Iraqi state television announced that Turkey will withdraw the troops in the Bashiqa Camp.

Turkey and Iraq are holding a joint meeting of ministers under the leadership of Turkish Prime Minister and his Iraqi counterpart Haider Al-Abadi in Baghdad.

A statement by Iraqi Cabinet of Ministers said that an extended meeting has been held for a negotiation of the topics discussed between Abadi and Yıldırım this morning.

The statement remarked that a second meeting began between the Turkish and Iraqi delegations led by Abadi and Yıldırım.

The Iraqi state television reported that both parties have agreed on the withdrawal of the Turkish troops from the controversial Bashiqa Camp.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan had stated earlier that they would not retreat from Bashiqa as Iraqi officials voiced their objection to the presence of the Turkish military on their land in September, 2016.