Turkey erects observation tower near Ain Issa

The Turkish state is monitoring movements on the M4 highway from a newly constructed tower near the northern Syrian town of Ain Issa.

The Turkish state has established a military base near Ain Issa. The base is located north of the village of Muelek, and just 500 meters from the M4 highway. A radar has been installed on the base and heavy weapons have been stationed. The surrounding area is fenced with barbed wire.

On Friday evening, an observation tower has been erected at the site three kilometers from Ain Issa. From this tower, movements on the M4 are being observed. Just one kilometer away, there are forces from the SDF, Russia and the Damascus government.

A Turkish base had also been established two kilometers away from the village of Seyda before. Attacks carried out from this base had killed six people and injured another 16.

Former administrative center of the autonomous areas

Ain Issa was the administrative center of the autonomous areas until the Turkish invasion in autumun 2019 and is the link between Aleppo, Hesekê, Deir ez-Zor, Kobanê and Manbij. Constant artillery attacks on the locality have been taking place since November. The permanent attacks on the region are intended to wear down the Autonomous Administration and force it to hand over the strategically important town. From Ain Issa, not only the Syrian east-west axis can be controlled, but also the M4 highway, which runs parallel to the Turkish border 30 kilometers away.