Turkey does not attack ISIS; ISIS hands over villages to other gangs

Although Turkish media covers the Turkish state’s occupation of Jarablus as a ‘great military operation,’ the villagers of Jarablus state that there is a military employment in the region as opposed to an operation.

After declaring a curfew in Karkamış across the border of Jarablus and evacuating the town, the Turkish state announced that it launched a military operation code-named ‘Euphrates Shield.’ However, the villagers of Jarablus and the footage that are recorded in the region refute the claims of Turkey and state that there is an extensive military deployment in the region as opposed to an operation. ISIS gangs are reported to have evacuated 4 villages and handed them over to gangs affiliated with Turkey.


A resident of Jarablus’ Karakuyu village, who did not want to share his or her name, stated that Karakuyu is located 12-13 kms away from Jarablus center, and there were no clashes in the town center where only ISIS members remain. The villager noted that Turkish tanks positioned in the village of Keklice located 4 kms away from Jarablus center, and these tanks were not met with any resistance. Residents of villages in Karkamış in the Turkish side of the border also stated that there were no clashes and the Turkish army’s shelling was only for show.


The villagers reported that ISIS gangs have been crossing from Jarablus to Turkey in groups of 10-15 people and used private vehicles for transportation. The villagers stated that the gangs that arrived at Turkey were given different uniforms and sent back to Jarablus, and emphasized that Turkey’s operation was a mise en scene.

The silence in Jarablus center and the normal flow of life in Karkamış center despite the curfew strengthen the villagers’ claims that there is only a military deployment as opposed to clashes in the region. It is worth noting that Turkish state forces advance easily and without taking any precautions during their movement, and the silence in Jarablus and around the border continues as the military employment near Jarablus border gate continues.