Towards the end for ISIS in Deir ez-Zor

With the Deir ez-Zor Freedom Operation clearing the Baqhous village to the east of the Euphrates of ISIS gangs, ISIS is one step closer to disbanding and the Operation Cizire Storm is one step closer to its goals.

The Baqhous village to the east of the Euphrates in the Deir ez-Zor region is a passage way for the Hajin town that houses one of the main ISIS bases in the region, and lays partly within Syria’s borders and partly in Iraq, which makes it very significant.

ISIS gangs had taken the Baqhous village and declared it a military base area. The gangs used the village as a passage between Syria and Iraq. They pushed all villagers out and turned people’s homes into military headquarters. They laid mines around the village and banned entry and exit.

Operation Cizire Storm had been put on hold by the SDF due to the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin, and 13 days after its relaunch, a 21 km area including the Baqhous village (which was liberated on May 14) has been cleared of gangs.

With the Baqhous village taken back, support for ISIS from Iraq has been completely cut off. Many villages in the Hajin district (to the east of the Euphrates River) have been surrounded as well.