"To defend Kobanê is to defend the women's revolution"

The Women Defend Rojava Committee in Berlin calls for Sunday's "From Kobanê to the World: Rise up against Fascism" internationalist demonstration at Hermannplatz.

The committee of Women Defend Rojava in Berlin calls for participation in the internationalist "From Kobanê to the World: Rise up against Fascism" demonstration tomorrow Sunday (November 1) at 2 pm at Hermannplatz. The demonstration will take place on the occasion of the resistance in Kobanê, which was led by the People's and Women's Defense Units YPG and YPJ in 2014. The successful struggle in Kobanê spread the women's revolution from Rojava and the paradigm of Abdullah Öcalan, which is based on women's liberation, ecology and radical democracy of the PKK. In an appeal, the Berlin Committee points out the necessity of meeting one's own responsibilities even in times of pandemic and to resist with mindfulness for fellow human beings:

Kobanê: Resistance is life

Kobanê. In 2014, the name of this city has become a synonym for hope and feminist resistance. The people, the women and youth on the frontline defended themselves with an impressive resistance and thus, after months of fighting, repulsed the so-called "Islamic State", which was supported by the Turkish regime.

At the same time, millions of people took to the streets worldwide because they realized that in Kobanê they were not just fighting for a city, but for the liberation of society. They showed their solidarity with the women's revolution in Rojava and the democratic system established there, which would not have been possible without the heroic resistance of the guerrillas in the free mountains of Kurdistan.

We must not forget how important it is that our solidarity is practical. Because we have a responsibility: we must attack the beast in the heart and build internationalist, feminist alternatives here on the ground. We must make it clear that the fascist and patriarchal system is playing with fire and that we as FLINTAs are resolutely opposing it.

Therefore, we must be aware of our responsibility, especially in times of a pandemic, because in war political work cannot be left alone. Currently Kobanê is under threat and lockdowns can also be used by Erdogan to intensify wars of aggression. What the IS did not manage to do, Turkey is now trying to do through its jihadist mercenary groups. But they will not succeed, because no state in the world can break the resistance of our friends from the democratic confederation in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The spirit of resistance of our fallen friends strengthens us FLINTAs every day. The resistance of Kobanê is currently continuing, especially in Heftanîn, and "they can cut off all the flowers, but they cannot prevent the spring". In memory of those murdered and in solidarity with those threatened, we will not stop fighting for a liberated feminist society. Your struggles and the seeds you sow continue to grow worldwide as the most beautiful flowers - we never forget you and our responsibility! We say no to occupation and genocide! We will defend FLINTAs and life.