TJK-E calls for broad participation in protests on October 9

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe calls for broad participation in a series of actions between October 9 and 10 under the slogan "The freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is our freedom".

October 9 marks the anniversary of the forced departure of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in 1998 and thus the beginning of the international conspiracy that eventually led to Öcalan's deportation and total isolation on the prison island of Imrali. The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) is calling for a series of actions on October 9 and 10 in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Finland, England, Denmark and Sweden to mark the date.

The women's movement's call says, "We angrily condemn the international plot that began on October 9, 1998 and led to the abduction of Rêber Apo [Leader Abdullah Öcalan] to Turkey and his imprisonment, now entering its 23rd year. We remember those who fell in 1998 and the following years under the slogan, 'You will not darken our sun' and in the actions against the total isolation and torture of Rêber Apo, with respect and gratitude.

The Kurdish women, the Kurdish people and their friends have overcome the murderous attacks and consider the freedom of Rêber Apo as their own freedom. The level of freedom and equality that Kurdish women have achieved is due to Öcalan's philosophy of freedom and equality. The plot of October 9, 1998 was transformed by the Kurdish people and women into a struggle for dignity and freedom.

The U.S. and the regional powers wanted to reshape the Middle East with the help of the October 9 plot. Turkey was to serve as a beadle for this purpose. The Kurdish question was to remain unresolved and the chaos and crisis were to be deepened. In contrast, Rêber Apo developed the concept of democratic confederalism in the Middle and Near East and created a system in which different ethnic and religious identities, women and different cultures could live together in peace. The crux of making the plot fail is therefore the implementation of the democratic, women's liberation and ecological paradigm.

In this awareness and in this responsibility, it is time for all forces, first of all the Kurdish women, the people from Kurdistan, the democratic, socialist and anti-capitalist forces to actively participate in the struggle and to take a stand against the forces of the conspiracy and to show their anger. It is time to expand the struggle in the framework of the campaigns 'Stop isolation, fascism and occupation - time for freedom' and ‘Time to defend free women and free society against feminicide'. We are closer than ever to creating a time for freedom. This will also be the greatest response to occupation, fascism, genocide, femicide and the destruction and plunder of our nature. We call on international institutions, especially the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), to play their role and fulfill their responsibilities in such a process. We will never accept that these institutions simply remain silent and stand by while the crimes are committed.

As TJK-E, we call for broad participation in the actions on October 9 and 10. October 9 is the day of protest against the plot, it is the day of unity and solidarity with the Kurdish people, but it is also a day of reckoning when whole humanity should rise up on the basis of international solidarity and common struggle. Therefore, we call on all internationalist forces to participate in the protest actions wherever they are and to join the freedom front against brutal capitalism.

All our people, especially Kurdish women, will express their anger in the streets on October 9 and demand accountability from the forces of the conspiracy. Our increasingly strong struggle, led by Kurdish women, will shatter the torture system of Imrali. In this sense, we call for the actions to teach fascism a lesson and ensure the freedom of Rêber Apo."




Place: Breitscheidplatz / Kurfürstendamm

Time: 16:00


Place: DGB Haus

Time: 14:30


Place: Caroline Platz

Time: 14:00


Place: Opernplatz

Time: 14:00


Place: Gansemarkt

Time: 15:00


Place: Lautenschlagerstrase 70173

Time: 15:30


Place: Platz Der Alter Synagoge

Time: 15:00



Place: Republique Meydanı

Time: 14:00


Place: Canebiere

Time: 13:00


Place: Place de Colombier

Time: 16:00


Place: Gare Central Önü

Time: 14:00



Place: Helvetiaplatz

Time: 15:00



Place: Porte Namur

Time: 14:00



Place: Norra Bantorget

Time: 13:00



Place: Vestrebros torv

Time: 13:00



Place: Kamppi Centre

Time: 14:00




Place: BBC Portland Place

Time: 13:00



Place: Stalingrad

Time: 15:00


Place: Jean Jaures

Time: 15:00