Thousands marched in Paris against NE Syria occupation

A demonstration was held in Paris to protest the invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria carried out by the Turkish state.

Tens of thousands of people attended the demonstration organised by the French Defense Platform for Rojava in Paris.

In the afternoon, people from and around Paris reached Republique square carrying YPG/YPJ flags.

Many politicians and representatives of both Kurdish and French associations and groups joined the demonstration.

"Our protests and actions will continue to grow until the invading Turkish state withdraws from Rojava," said addressing the crowd by phone Nesrin Abdullah, the PYD Diplomacy Bureau Officer and YPJ Commander.

Abdullah added: "Our resistance will continue until the invading Turkish state leaves Rojava. You and our people living in Europe, should increase your actions and mobilize European countries against the occupation. Resisting peoples will win."

Pir Rıza Yağmur, representative of the European Democratic Alevi Federation (FEDA), spoke at Bastille Square. Condemning the attacks of the Turkish State, Yağmur said: "Those who defend their right, those who defend their land are not terrorists."