Third day of action for Öcalan in Cologne

The demonstration in Cologne demanding freedom for Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, entered its third day.

The action organized by the Med Federation and YJK-E NRW next to the Cathedral in Cologne has entered its third day. On Thursday, Kurdish politician Leyla Birlik said: “The solution of the Kurdish problem is intertwined with the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan who has been under heavy isolation for 21 years.”

The two tents set up in the action were decorated with posters of the Kurdish people's leader. Activists read a declaration for Öcalan was also read.

Birlik said: “The Kurdish issue has become a global problem. The problem is not just the problem of Kurds or Turks. This problem has now become a problem of the US, Germany, Britain and Russia. Therefore, the solution will be ultimately global. Abdullah Öcalan has been held in isolation for 21 years. When talks were held with Abdullah Öcalan, we saw that the attacks and pressures of the state on Kurds or Turks were reduced. In 2014, Abdullah Öcalan said that ‘if a peace environment is not created, the state will be dragged into political and economic chaos which will result in a coup.’ For 6 years, the state has cut peace talks and increased the isolation on Abdullah Öcalan. Today, we see Turkey wakes up with a new coup every day."

German Migrant Workers' Federation (AGIF) also support the action. In his speech, AGIF representative Şafak Deniz said: “The struggle to achieve the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is also a struggle for justice for [the victims of the racist attack in] Hanau. The struggle for freedom for Abdullah Öcalan is the struggle for Soma, Gezi and the Istanbul Convention. Institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights, UNESCO, European Parliament, and the UN are tools of the imperialism. These tools do not lift a finger for us. We must raise our struggle for our own demands."

Artists Beser Şahin, Bengî Agirî and Rêber Serhat joined the action with their songs.