“There is no democratic environment to debate a new constitution in Turkey”

According to HDP deputy co-chair Ümit Dede, the ruling AKP-MHP alliance aims to destroy democracy and peace completely and to establish an authoritarian regime constitutionally.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy co-chair Ümit Dede said that "There is no democratic environment to debate a new constitution."

Noting that his party has always expressed the need for a democratic constitution, Dede stated there is an internal conflict between the MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) and the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party).

Emphasizing that the ruling MHP-AKP will further expand the monist mentality, Dede said, "The ruling alliance aims to destroy democracy and peace completely and to establish an authoritarian regime constitutionally."

Turkish president Erdogan announced that the AKP’s draft constitution will soon be completed, and his party will work with the MHP which is also preparing a 100-article draft constitution. Dede spoke to ANF about the objective of the AKP-MHP fascist bloc with constitution drafts.


“First of all, it is necessary to explain what the MHP aims with its 100-article constitution draft,” said Dede and continued, “It is known that there have been conflicts and disagreements within the ruling block, which is dubbed the "People’s Alliance". As reflected in press, the MHP wants to limit the powers of the President and increase the powers of the Parliament in its draft. Thus, by making the AKP even more dependent on itself, the MHP seeks to place itself in a better position within this freak system. In other words, this draft constitution is the outcome of a conflict within the alliance.”


The constitutional draft prepared by the MHP is a declaration of the fact that the 'Turkish Type Presidency' system does not function properly. "They just want to justify this freak system by introducing a freak constitution," Dede noted.


The AKP-MHP alliance does not have a majority to make a new constitution and the opposition will not give consent to the AKP-MHP's constitution, Dede said, adding that one of aims is to make the real agendas of the country invisible by creating an artificial agenda. “The ruling alliance aims to create a constitutional cover for a de facto authoritarian regime,” Dede stressed.


Dede pointed out that the 1921 Constitution was a genuine social contract representing the spirit of the period. “The 1924 Constitution and all subsequent constitutions have betrayed the founding social contract. Since 1924, riots and coups have been taking place due to the monist mentality that shaped all constitutions. The new draft constitution prepared by the MHP and AKP aims to establish the monist mentality even more strictly," Dede remarked.


Dede stressed that this constitutional draft cannot create an environment of democracy, freedom and peace in Turkey. “In order to make a democratic constitution, the freedom of thought should be guaranteed at the maximum level and not only political parties with groups in the Parliament, but all political parties and professional organizations should also participate in the preparation of a new constitution. If this happens, one can speak of a genuine social contract. Unfortunately, there is not even a minimum freedom to conduct constitutional debates," Dede concluded.