Tent cities in Hatay flood because of heavy rain

The tent cities established by AFAD in Hatay Samandag flooded due to the heavy rain and storm that hit the area, leaving many tents unusable.

Due to the heavy rain and storm that hit in Hatay, the earthquake victims once again suffered greatly. Especially in Samandağ District, the tent cities established by AFAD flooded and the tents became unusable. Having experienced the same grievances a week ago, the public once again protested the fact that the authorities did not take any precautions.

‘No official came to help!’

The tent city built by AFAD in Samandağ Deniz Mahallesi was flooded. The earthquake victims, who tried to save their few belongings from the tents and drain the water by their own means, protested. Emphasizing that the tents were destroyed by the rain, one of the earthquake survivors, Filiz Baştürk, told ANF: “It rained, the tent became like this. All of our belongings got wet, we were left with nothing. No official came to help. Here we are alone. We don't know where to sleep. We had the same situation a week ago. But no solution was found. Now we need a container.”

‘Tents put up in the wrong place!’

Süleyman Başaran, who raised the pebbles so that his tent would not flood once again, emphasized that those who set up these tents were guilty. Explaining that they had to raise the middle part of the ground before setting up the tents, Başaran said: “The right and left sides of this area are higher than where the tents are set up. Therefore, when it rains, the middle of the field becomes like a pool. Now we need containers because this is nothing but the misery we live in,” he said.

‘Tents are overcrowded’

Shirin Daduk said the tents are overcrowded. Six people stayed in a tent, said Daduk, adding: “We are six people in a tiny place. As if that wasn't enough, now the tent got flooded due to rain. There was a danger of the tents being blown away by the storm. They asked us to secure the tents. But what are we going to secure them with? If only there was a container, we wouldn't be better.”

Sevim Yatkın, whose tent also flooded, said: "If the state had given us a hand, had brought a large container or set up our tents on high ground, this place would not have flooded." Daduk said, “May God not inflict such pain on my enemy. "

Earthquake survivor Gönül Demir, whose daughter is 90 percent disabled, protested the abandonment by the state. “No one cares about the people. No officials came. They want to kill people just as they let them die in the earthquake. Nobody came to say what are you doing? Did you die or are you alive? I have a disabled daughter and I've been struggling all night. I'm trying to put stones on the sides of the tent so it doesn’t get blown away."