Tent action in Shengal demanding freedom for Öcalan enters day 4

The tent set up to demand freedom for Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan in Shengal enters fourth day.

The tent action in Shengal demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan has entered its 4th day.

On the third day of the tent action launched in Shengal to demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, the Yazidis reiterated that the force that saved them from genocide cannot be called a "terrorist force".

The Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) and the Yazidi Young Women's Union organised the action in the Serok Apo Garden in Geliyê Kersê. They are demanding freedom for Öcalan and to remove the PKK from the EU list of terrorist organisations.

Dozens of people from Sinunê, Digurê and border villages visited the tent as a sign of support.

Sihma Dexil, a member of the Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) Diplomatic Committee, said: "We were massacred in front of the world’s eyes in 2014 but no one came to our aid except the guerrillas and Leader Öcalan's fighters. The massacre against the Yazidi people was against world morality, but unfortunately the world remained silent. Only the PKK did not remain silent. We shout from here that the force that saved the Yazidis from genocide cannot be called a 'terrorist force'.

Speaking on behalf of the Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party (PADÊ), Hamid Bişar said: "Protests are being held all over the world for Leader Apo. Many political parties, organizations and institutions all over the world are calling for the PKK to be removed from the EU list of terrorist organisations."

Digur People's Assembly co-chair, Edul Şemo, said: "When Leader Apo's students came to Shengal, they saved thousands of our girls and women from genocide. After that, the isolation of Leader Öcalan was intensified. They use isolation to separate the Leadership from the people. But let them know that no one can separate us from the Leader."

Abu Seqer, a member of the Border Villages Arab Council, said: "It is a great shame that someone like Leader Öcalan has been imprisoned for years. As the Arab people in Shengal, we want him to be freed as soon as possible. The idea of ​​democracy and coexistence in Shengal is growing by the day and this frightens the enemy."