TAK: We will carry out actions that will change history

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons announced that all cities and metropolitan areas will become war zones.

An article on the website of Teyrên Bazên Azadiya Kurdîstan (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons - TAK) includes some important statements for the continuation of the process.

TAK stated that the Turkish state has launched a fierce war against the Kurdish people and that they will also “be ruthless against the Turkish state.”

The statement said: “We are warning those who think Turkey is a safe country for investment and tourism. All cities, megapolitan and metropolitan areas, tourist spaces are our war zone and our actions will be more intense than before.”

The TAK statement is as follows:

“Our fight we wage with will, courage and fury is well on its way to victory under the spiritual leadership of our sacrificing martyrs.

Fascist Turkish state, who have nothing but massacres at the heart of their policies regarding the Kurdish people who resist for Kurdistan and for freedom, think they can get over the rough times by increasing their attacks. This blindness will end in them drowning in the rough. International or regional dirty alliances, or collaboration with treason centers or local and imported gangs can’t stand in the way of this happening.

The Kurdish people have shown the will to resist throughout history and has displayed the necessary stance in the face of these attacks as well, while proving they will be insistent in this.

Throughout history, fascism and colonialism have been brought to their ends by their own terror. The results the enemy wishes to achieve with their attacks have already been reversed. That is also the fate of Erdoğan and his gang. Wrongful calculations will bounce off our wall of struggle and turn on themselves.

Those who are as blind as to think they can end a people’s cause for freedom with stale methods are those in political, economic and military collaboration with the Turkish state. As the Turkish hegemons with no political moral value, full of complexes, with nothing but brute force in their hands, show their divide from humanity with their actions, for us they become reasons to fight.

All the world should know that the Turkish state is our enemy we have sworn to end. The treatment of our people in Kurdistan is our reason for war, revenge and action.


We have an account to settle with those who think massacres, torture, exile, fire and destruction are what our people and our historic living areas and spaces deserve. We are warning those who think Turkey is a safe country for investment and tourism: All cities, megapolitan and metropolitan areas, tourist spaces are our war zone and our actions will be more intense than before.

The decision for war has been made, an army of sacricife has been founded. This army is called the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons - TAK. In this war we launched considering the necessities and ran the risk, we have dealt the Turkish state serious blows up to date. What we have done until this day has been the elementary level.


How ruthless this war will be has been determined by those who attacked our people. We will also be ruthless. We will march onto the enemy without the slightest hesitation in our conviction to this decision. As the freedom falcons, we believe we will prevail in the war we wage with our superior will and spirit of vengeance. What gives us as those who fight wiht enthusias and passion our ambition is our values, our resisting and brave people and our heroic martyrs.

As Kurdistan Freedom Falcons who have dedicated all of their beings to settle this account with fascism, with great faith in the Leader and Free Kurdistan our attack actions as retaliation will continue for the great victory.


We have locked on to our purpose, victory. We will do justice to the weapons we have picked up with the sacred labor of our people, and we will drain Kurdistan of fascism and barbarism. We will build the funeral pyres in their cities, and with our actions that will change history, we will make the enemy face the fate of their defeat.

In this basis, we are calling on valiant Kurdish daughters and sons to take their place in this struggle for dignity.”