TAK claims responsibility for the action at İzmir Courthouse - UPDATE

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) has claimed responsibility for the action in front of the İzmir Courthouse on January 5, saying it was carried out by 'Martyr Çekdar Vengeance Team'.

Teyrê Bazên Azadiya Kurdistanê (TAK, Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) has claimed responsibility for the “heroic action carried out in front of the İzmir Courthouse on January 5, 2017. TAK stated that the action was conducted by two of their militants who both lost their lives during the action.

The statement underlined that: "The Turkish colonialism and fascist AKP ruling has suffered a blow in the "peaceful, safe, tourism and trade center" province of İzmir. Efforts of the fascist structure and its media to cover up the blow inflicted and wounds caused by our actions, and the dozens of deaths and other consequences these result in, are absolutely in vain."

TAK reported that their militants Zerdeşt and Pirdoğan detonated a bomb-laden car, clashed to the end and fell martyr whilst putting up a brave fight in response to the massacre imposed on the people of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons pledged that: “As the comrades of these brave children of Kurdistan, we will be a disaster and nightmare to those that bomb our cities with tanks, artillery, helicopters and jets; raze houses to the ground with tanks; evacuate the honorable people of the Kurdish folk from their houses in the midst of winter- children and elderly all alike; execute those resisting without a question; leave their bodies on streets for weeks; drag them behind armored vehicles; pour gasoline on the wounded and burn them to death.”

TAK emphasised that no institution of colonialism had any legitimacy to them, vowing that "all the fascist institutions and establishments of the fascist Turkish state will definitely get their share from our attacks as our people are suffering torture, humiliation and having their rights usurped. The arms of the Zerdeşt and Pirdoğan comrades that fell on the streets of İzmir will be taken up by the self-sacrifical fighters of TAK and go off in our actions of vengeance to follow.”

TAK announced the following ID details of the two militants that carried out the action and lost their lives there;

Nom de Guerre: Zerdeşt Rüstem Erdal

First-Last Name: Mustafa Çoban

Date and Place of Birth: 10.04.1987 / Maraş- Elbistan

Mother's Name: Medine

Father's Name: Ali

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 05 January, 2017 – İzmir


Nom de Guerre: Pirdoğan Ararat

First-Last Name: Enes Yıldırım

Date and Place of Birth: 08.09.1991 / Ağrı - Patnos

Mother's Name: Naide

Father's Name: Şefket

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 05 January, 2017 – İzmir