Sydney in solidarity with Rojava and Rojhilat

Worldwide solidarity with the people of Rojava and Rojhilat.

Kurds and their friends living in Sydney, Australia took to the streets in solidarity with Rojava and Rojhilat today.

The demonstration at Parramatta Town Hall protested against the Turkish and Iranian states.

Speaking on behalf of the organizing committee, Brusk Rojhilat and Mansor Rezaqi pointed out the resistance against the repression of the Iranian regime and called on everyone to show solidarity with Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) and not to remain silent on the massacres of the Iranian regime.

A statement on behalf of Democratic Kurdish Community Center called for action everywhere against the attacks of the Turkish state.

Banners displayed by the demonstrators read “Bloody hands off Kurdistan”, “Turkish army out of Rojava” and “End the executions in Iran”.