Swiss NGOs and parties to stage solidarity demonstration with Kurds

On December 11, Swiss NGOs and political parties will hold a demonstration in Geneva to protest the attacks on the Kurdish people.

On Saturday, December 11, a demonstration will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, led by Swiss political parties, non-governmental groups, and Kurdish institutions to protest the Turkish state's attacks on the Kurdish people and the use of chemical weapons in the Medya Defense Zones.

The statement made on behalf of the organisations related to the demonstration said, "We call for solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Movement,” and urged every Kurdish and pro-democracy supporter to attend the protest.


The participant organizations, which include the Workers Party (POP - Parti du Travail), Socialist Party (SP - Parti Socialiste Genevois), Résistons, Ensemble a gauche, Solidarités, Jeunes POP Ge, Secours rouge Genève, Engageons Les Murs, CUAE, Formation Révolution, Swiss Democratic Kurdish Society (CDK-S), European Democratic Forces Union-Switzerland, Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Swiss Representation (AANES), stated the following:

"For months, Turkey has increased its occupation attacks in Syria. Rojava (North-East Syria), an autonomous territory since it was liberated from the oppression of ISIS after Bashar al-Assad, is being bombarded every day. These bombardments have a disproportionate impact on civilian areas, and the Turkish military frequently employs drones to assassinate Kurdish politicians.

Threats of invasion have grown in recent weeks as Turkish troops and their Islamist allies gather near the borders. In the last two years, the authoritarian and fascist Turkish state has used expropriation, rape, and execution measures against civilians. Through these crimes against humanity, it has already occupied the Afrin and Serekaniye regions.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's fascist regime maintains its dictatorial approach against all progressive groups in Bakur (Turkey’s Kurdistan) and Turkey; repression, imprisonment of thousands of intellectuals, journalists, artists, and members of progressive movements, Kurds, and Turks; suppression of the student movement at Boğaziçi and other universities; and displacement of populations for the establishment of mega-industrial projects, which causes a variety of ecological disasters.

The Turkish army continues to build dozens of military bases on Iraqi territory in Bashur (Iraqi Kurdistan). Bombing the Shengal region, the Maxmur refugee camp, and Kurdish guerrilla bases in the highlands, it conducts operations and assassinations against guerrillas and Kurdish politicians.

The valiant resistance of Kurdish freedom fighters is keeping the Turkish army from advancing and taking control of this territory. For more than a year, the Turkish Air Force has been using deadly gases and other chemical weapons in bombardments, despite the international ban.”


“We urge everyone to stand in solidarity with the Rojava revolution, Kurdish people, and PKK in the face of the Turkish reactionary forces' inhumane war crimes.

For more than four decades, the Kurdish Freedom Movement has fought as an alternative power to capitalism and its homicidal nationalist regimes like Turkey. This alternative power is currently being constructed on the ground in the autonomous territory of Rojava. From an anti-capitalist standpoint, the three political pillars of this revolution are women's liberation, ecology, and radical democracy. This revolutionary battle demonstrates, in practice, that a different world is possible. This way of life is a ray of hope for all the peoples of the Middle East, where ultra-authoritarian regimes and imperialist powers strive for dominance.”


"We invite all our patriotic people to the action that will be staged under the leadership of Swiss and internationalist allies as part of the 10 December International Day of Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan,” said the appeal on behalf of the Swiss Democratic Kurdish Society Co-Presidency Council.

The protest will take place on Saturday, December 11, at 14:00 at Geneva's Place Neuve Square.