Swiss MP asks government about Turkey’s use of 'chemical weapons' against Kurds

Crottaz Brigitte, a member of the socialist group in the Swiss Federal Council, asked the government about Turkey’s use of chemical weapons against the Kurdish people.

A deputy of the Socialist Party, Crottaz Brigitte submitted a motion to receive information on the Federal Council's position on the Turkish state’s use of chemical weapons against the Kurds.

“In its 2020-2023 foreign policy strategy, the Federal Council underlines Turkey's internal conflict with the Kurdish people and considers that a 'critical and constructive dialogue' with the country should continue,” Brigitte said in her motion.

On this basis, the Socialist deputy posed the following questions to the Federal Council:

- Is the Federal Council aware of Turkey's use of chemical weapons against Kurdish-dominated regions in 2021?

- How does Switzerland guarantee to comply with the treaties prohibiting chemical weapons, which it signed, specifically in the region?

- What is the Federal Council's evaluation concerning the war methods used by Turkey in its internal and external conflicts against the Kurdish population?

- Can the Federal Council turn the Swiss Army's NBC-Demunex competence centre into a centre to reveal the facts?

- How does the Federal Council envision ways to a lasting peace in the Kurdish-dominated regions?

- How is the problem of mistreatment of Kurds in Turkey and in the Kurdish-dominated areas near Turkish border addressed within the framework of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Turkey?

The following was included in the “development” section of the motion:

“In 2021, international media outlets have reported that the Turkish state used chemical weapons in its conflict with the Kurdish people. In 2019, Turkey was also subjected to an investigation by the United Nations’ Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for the same reason. It is generally known that Turkey has adopted extremely violent oppression and warfare methods against the Kurdish people on its territory or in Syria (Rojava) and Iraq (Bashur). In reality, Turkey's crackdown and oppression consistently remove the possibility of a genuine peace with the Kurdish population.”