Student Sapan: We are not afraid

Mısra Sapan, an Anarchist Youth member university student who was detained by police and beaten at the protest for Boğaziçi university said: “If they think they can intimidate us with these attacks, they are wrong. We are not afraid.”

Mısra Sapan, a university student and member of the Anarchist Youth, was one of the 8 people who were battered and detained on her way to the South gate of the Boğaziçi university campus to protest the arrest of two other students. 20-year-old Sapan, who had bruises in both eyes due to the police violence she was subjected to during her detention, told ANF what happened.

Sapan said that they went to the South Campus of Boğaziçi University on 6 October 2021 to protest the arrest of two fellow students after President Erdoğan labelled students as ‘terrorists’. Sapan added that they were detained and beaten by the police who surrounded them just before the press release started. “They surrounded us by calling the riot police. They made us wait for 5 minutes without any reason. As we took a step towards the campus, they attacked us fiercely. There were eight of us, and they beat us all and detained us. The plainclothes police, who turned towards me, threw their knees in my face. When I fell to the ground, they hit me with kicks and punches. This torture continued in the vehicle as well. We had friends with bleeding noses. They hit the head of one of our female friends against the car window. When we stated that we would not allow them to handcuff us again, they attacked us at the exit of Bayrampaşa Hospital, where we were taken for control.”

Stating that they were kept for hours in the lawyer meeting room in the Vatan Police Department, where they were taken, Sapan pointed out that even the water sent by their lawyers was not given to them. Explaining that those detained after them were also brought to the same interview room, Sapan said that 14 people were kept there for hours.

Sapan, who was released on the same day and had two black eyes due to police violence, is preparing to file a criminal complaint. Stating that she was battered deliberately.

Sapan, who has been protesting injustices since her high school years, was repeatedly oppressed and detained. She said, “The power is always attacking the marginalized people, young people and women. They especially target young people at high school and university, because states shape people at this age.”

Sapan added: "We know that these detentions are also due to their fear. They fear that the struggle will grow because as our struggle grows, their power is shaken. They want to show their power through law enforcement and violence in order to suppress and intimidate the society."