Strategic locations cleared of ISIS in Tabqa

SDF fighters advancing in Tabqa city have cleared the Alaf Junction and Mahmiya Island and a part of the al-Wahab neighborhood.

Fighters of the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have cleared the Alaf Junction in city center of ISIS gangs. Northwest of the city, a group of SDF fighters moved on the Mahmiya Island last night. The Island close to the Euphrates River was cleansed of gangs Monday morning.

Inflicting heavy blows on gangs also in eastern side of the city, SDF fighters moved into the al-Wahab neighborhood through the liberated Alexandria neighborhood. Following clashes, the fighters made further advances, covering a 1 km long and 500 m wide land. A part of the al-Wahab neighborhood was taken under control and cleared of gangs at 13:30 Monday afternoon.

As clashes in the region are ongoing since last, there are yet no figures available as to the number of ISIS gangs killed here.