South Kurdistan people call for support for online campaign for Öcalan

Politicians, academics, intellectuals and writers in South Kurdistan call for support for an online campaign to be launched by the Kurdistan Digital Media Council on October 8 demanding the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

Politicians, academics, intellectuals and writers in South Kurdistan (Bashur) have called for support for the "hashtag" campaign of the Kurdistan Digital Media Council for the physical freedom of Öcalan.

Previously, Middle Eastern politicians, academics, intellectuals and writers urged the public to join the campaign to be launched on October 8 for Öcalan, which advocates that, “Mr Öcalan must have free conditions in order to play his role to solve the Kurdish issue and ensure social peace. For this reason, we invite everyone who is sensitive for a solution and peace to support the hashtag campaign that will be launched on social media. Freedom will prevail!”

The names of the participants in the campaign are as follows:

1- Mihamed Amin Penjwenî- Writer and Politician

2- Faîyze Kemal- Writer

3- Latif Fatih Ferej- Author

4- Hakim Shex Latif Hakim, Author and Researcher

5- Niyaz Abdulla, Writer, Journalist and Women's Rights Activist

6- Romio Hakari- Assyrian Party Chairman, Politician

7- Dr. Kamuran Berwarî- Writer and Political Commentator

8- Kemal Rauf- Writer and Journalist

9- Dr. Yousif Mohammed Sadiq- MP from Iraqi Federal Parliament

10-Abubakr Haladni- Politician and MP

11- Babekr Dreiy- Director of Cultural Administration – KRG

12- Geshe Dara- Former MP

13-Kner Abdulla- Writer and Women's Rights Activist

14-Hawjin Mala Amin- Author and University Lecturer

15-Najibe Mahmud- Writer and Women's Rights Activist

16- Dr. Fayeq Gulbpi- Writer and Politician

17-Abdullay Mela Nûrî- Lawyer and former MP

18- Kawe Nadir- Writer and Journalist

19- Burhan Mecid- Artist

20- Halo Sherko Bekes- Writer and Poet

21- Kejal Hama Rasheed- Civil Activist

22-Zayneb Murad- KNK Member

23- Hiwa Nasih- Author and Kurdocide Watch manager

24-Rebwar Rasheed- Author and Political Commentator

25-Dr. Salar Basire- Sociologist, Social and Political Commentator

26-Serdar Harki- Official (PUK) – Erbil

27-Şîrîn Amin- Perlemantara, Gorran, KRG

28- Dr. Azad Dewani- International Lawyer, UK

29-Nihad Al-Qadi- Kurdish national and cultural figures, Netherlands

30- Aram Cemal- Official for Board of Electoral- Sulaymaniyah