Solidarity with Kurdistan in the Basque Country

A demonstration of solidarity with Kurdistan took place in Bilbao in the Basque Country. The demonstrators denounced Turkish war crimes and the silence of the international community.

A demonstration organized by Kurdistanekin Elkartasun Ekimena took place in Bilbao on Saturday to denounce the cruel war that the Turkish state is currently waging against the Kurdish people in Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi state territory.

"Kurdistan is currently in one of the most difficult historical situations in recent times. Since the end of peace negotiations between the PKK and the Turkish government in 2015, Erdogan has attacked as many Kurdish territories as possible without regard for borders, human rights or national sovereignty, and has used violence in his own state, Iraq or Syria," the demonstrators said.

Faruk Doru, HDP representative in Spain

The demonstration also condemned the crackdown on the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP): "All of the party's leaders are imprisoned or on trial, and violence against the Kurdish population by the army and police, as well as ultranationalist groups like the Grey Wolves, is a daily occurrence in Turkey."

In addition, it was said, Turkey has intensified its offensive in southern Kurdistan: "For Erdogan and his army-the second largest in NATO-this invasion has resulted in remarkable failures that have led Turkish forces to use illegal weapons such as poison gas, to cut down and burn forests, and to bomb civilian areas to clear them."

In Syria, too, Turkey has not missed any opportunity to undermine and attack the project of Autonomous Administration introduced by Kurds in the north and east of the country. The "cherry on top" are the terrorist drone attacks on leading members of the Autonomous Administration, often women from the YPJ.

The demonstrators condemned the "international inaction in the face of the excesses of a NATO regional power such as Turkey" and stated the purpose of their protest was not to become "accomplices to the appalling silence of the international community in the face of this criminal policy."

Photos: Ecuador Etxea