Solidarity action in Berlin criticizes the German government for supporting Erdoğan regime

During the solidarity action for political prisoners in Turkey in Berlin, the German government has again been criticized for its support of the Erdogan regime.

The solidarity campaign for the political prisoners in Turkey, which has been ongoing for two weeks at the Alexanderplatz Square in Berlin, has been concluded with a rally on Friday. The campaign "Time for Freedom" will be continued on a decentralized basis, said Tahir Koçer, co-chairman of the nationwide umbrella organization KON-MED in a speech at Alexanderplatz.

On the last day of the solidarity action, in which representatives of numerous organizations took part, again reproaches became loud at the Federal Government because of its support of the injustice regime in Turkey. Hamburg Left Party leader Cansu Özdemir stated in a speech: "No one goes on a hunger strike for fun. People have serious demands and try to make them clear with a hunger strike. First, it is about the situation in prisons. Thousands of opposition figures are unjustly imprisoned in Turkey, including mayors, deputies, lawyers and journalists. All these people are victims of the AKP regime - a dictatorial regime that is still fed and supported with weapons by the Federal Republic of Germany."

Mehtap Erol, the co-chair of the Kurdish association FED-KURD, also criticized the federal government for its tolerance of the unlawful actions of the AKP government. Former HDP deputy Sibel Yiğitalp described the hunger strike in Turkish prisons, which has been ongoing since November 27, as an "uprising against another genocide in Shengal, against the occupation of Rojava, against the campaign of extermination against the Kurdish people and against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan." The Kurdish politician, who lives in exile due to political persecution, declared that whoever considers himself democratic or simply human must support this uprising.

Other speeches were made on behalf of the women's organizations YJK-E, SKB and Women Defend Rojava, as well as the People's Council of Tamil Eelam.