Search and rescue operation ends in Makhmur

Search and rescue operation ended in Makhmur after unidentified warplanes bombed the building of Makhmur Self Defence Forces. A ceremony will be held for the martyrs today afternoon.

Rescue teams searched for dead and wounded under the rubble of Makhmur Self Defence Forces until dawn. The operation ended early on Thursday after all the dead and wounded were pulled out of the rubble of the building.

The number of the dead and the wounded is yet to be announced.

According to reports, the attack targeted the building of Self-Defense Forces of UN-supervised Makhmur Refugee Camp. The building collapsed completely and surrounding civilian houses were damaged.

Locals say reconnaissance planes were flying over the region before the bombing. While the wounded are treated in Hewler, a ceremony will be held for the martyrs today afternoon.

Makhmur Local Council demanded a formal explanation from the Iraqi government about the bombing but as of Thursday morning, there is no statement from Baghdad.