SDF wishes a happy new year to all peoples

SDF General Command released a written statement and wished a happy new year for all peoples in Syria and the world.

The General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a written statement marking the new year, which reads as follows;

“SDF forces achieved a major success against terror organisations, mainly ISIS, throughout 2017. The people of Syria suffered great losses and were forced to migration as a result of the invasion by ISIS gangs.

In 2017, SDF launched Operation Wrath of Euphrates to clear Raqqa, capital of ISIS. The campaign witnessed several accomplishments in political, military and social aspect as many villages and hamlets were liberated. In addition, thousands of young people joined SDF ranks with the assistance of local notables.

In the fourth phase of the campaign, Raqqa city was liberated from ISIS gangs thanks to the unity of people. After this campaign, SDF fighters launched Operation Cizire Storm in the east of Euphrates River and in the northern countryside of Deir ez-Zor province.

Our hope is that the new year also witnesses an accomplishment in political field. Let’s embrace our martyrs and liberate the region from gang terror with the solidarity of coalition forces, and build a peaceful, democratic and federal Syria.

We congratulate the new year for all the peoples of Syria and we wish peace and freedom for the whole world.”