SDF repels attack on Til Werid village of Til Temir

Turkish troops and jihadist militias continue their genocidal attacks against North-East Syria in an attempt to invade the region, enjoying a global silence and so-called ceasefire agreement.

The Turkish invasion army and allied mercenaries attacked the village of Til Werid in Til Temir region last night. Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) harshly responded to the attack which was eventually repelled.

ANF correspondent Ruken Cemal went to the village to share her observations from the area.

Cemal tells that they were hearing sounds of armed confrontation from the villages of Enekil Hawa and Til Mihemed until a few minutes ago, saying; “According to the testimony of local people, the mercenaries attacked the village at around 23:00 last night. Facing immediate response from SDF fighters, the attack was repelled and the mercenaries fled.”

Journalist Cemal notes that the Turkish state and allied mercenaries continue their attacks against Zirgan and Til Temir areas despite the so-called “ceasefire”.

She adds that the houses of civilians living in the region are also targeted by indiscriminate bombardments during the attacks against the area.